Manage sales and marketing assets in {figma} and auto sync ✨ them to {webflow}

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Introducing Figdam

Welcome to the future of design asset management. With Figdam, effortlessly create assets in Figma, sync them to our platform, and deploy them directly into your Webflow projects. Perfect for teams looking to scale their marketing efforts efficiently.

Asset Management from Figma to Webflow

  1. 1. Create

    Start by designing your assets in Figma with precision and creativity.

  2. 2. Sync

    With a simple click, sync your designs to Figdam, our robust middleman platform.

  3. 3. Deploy

    Finally, add your synchronized assets into your Webflow project effortlessly from the Webflow App.

  4. 4. Learn

    Utilize the insights Figdam gathers from asset usage to monitor performance at an asset level to see what resonates best with your audience on what page.

Why Choose Figdam?

Campaign Management

Create and update campaign slots for promotional assets directly in Figma and deploy them across all platforms.

Visibility and Tracking

Never lose track of an asset. View individual pages where assets are deployed and monitor their performance at an asset level.

Rights Management

Manage usage rights for photography ensuring compliance and timely updates.

PDF Management

Handle sales PDFs right in Figma and sync them across all necessary channels.

Just enough


no more, no less

Figdam is designed to connect seamlessly with the tools you already use and love, eliminating the need for a dedicated team to manage your digital assets. This means you can focus more on creating and less on managing. With Figdam, experience a DAM solution that’s just enough—sufficiently powerful to manage, deploy, and learn from your assets, yet simple enough not to overwhelm your processes. It’s the practical, no-fuss way for teams to maximize their creative output.


Built for Scale by
Edgar Allan

At Edgar Allan, we understand the needs of businesses looking to scale their owned marketing channels. Figdam is crafted to enhance your team's efficiency and asset control.

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